Tuesday, 5 June 2007

Sexy asian Cam?? Heard About It?

I was chatting to a friend on yahoo and she told me to check her friendster because she added new pictures. When I did check the site, she did write on her occupation tab -www.sexyasiancams.com. I checked the site and I was shocked on what I have seen. I asked her right away if she do work on that site. She said no, of course I do believe her. I don't see any reason why she would do such thing since she have a great job in San Diego. She is a bisexual and she told me that a friend of her did tell her about the site. And that friend of hers do work there as well. And she was just posting the website on her friendster account as a jest.

Oh well! I did check the site, I have found out that all the exhibitionist women on that site are Filipinas. I have nothing against those poor women, what I have is feeling sad and sorry for them. Its a bit a harsh way to earn a living. I have chatted to one of those girls and asked why she's doing it. She said she needs to finish college and its just the easiest way for her to support her studies. Whatever reasons those women have its all the same "poverty". Those women wanted to earn a decent income even if it means doing the least decent thing. Well prostitution happens everywhere. But sometimes you just want to wish that those women can find some ways to earn money without the need to degrade themselves. I feel for them, I know how hard to live a life in the Philippines.

I am not trying to give this implication that am all good but I can honestly say that have tried a lot of ways to get by without placing myself in a shameful situation. I didn't have the best education as well yet some of them keep having it as a reason. A number of people was able to live there life with success and did struggle too but didn't let themselves to be in a desperate state.They work hard and motivate themselves to aim high. So even if the life in my country is in terrible state, there's always a good way in giving ourselves and family a better life without making ourselves pitiful and worthless. We have our goals in life and some of us do push our way to get it but its not always necessary to give ourselves SH**s. I think if you just have faith that things will be alright by doing things rightly. I don't think that there's a need for us women to lower ourselves, we owe ourselves some damn RESPECT.

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