Thursday, 31 May 2007

Messed Up!

I don't know what to write today. But I do have loads of things in my mind. I am not feeling alright about everything in my life right now. Everything is a mess, trying to take each at a time and fix whatever I can. But it seems not working, its getting worst. My head is really hurting right now and the situation am in making me breathless. Sometimes I just hope I can just sleep my sorrows and pain away. Am I really this miserable? All I know that am trying to hold on and deal with this problem and try to get on. But its hard if theres always something or someone who keeps reminding you of them, or worst if that person keeps adding on to what you have. I am struggling and feeling helpless. Its 1:41 am right now and am feeling tired but I can't sleep.
I can't help asking myself, "If theres any chance of me being happy again?" and be my old self again? I just wish it will be soon. I am so tired of being in this situation for a long time now. Oh well the medicine is kicking in.. I better sleep my problems away and hope the next morning will be bring me a bit of happiness.

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ladyracs said...

kay unsa man diay ang problema dae Abby, murag daku gyud habang naga basa ko ani, pero don't lost hope baya pagkaguapa raba nimo, bata pa sab syempre, sexy like your dearest friend Haze. Maayo nalang malingaw na ka sa Blogging....and I hope and pray for a brighter future and that you will find happiness soon... TC and Godbles..