Thursday, 27 December 2007

Early B-day Celebration

Soon is my birthday and everyday my kids keep on counting especially my little Kath. She is so excited when there is a birthday to celebrate. On Sunday while we were at PIL's house we had so much time playing each other, I dont have internet connection so what I did is spent all my time with kids and they sure loved it. It was nicely spent and I was in fact happy for having a good time with my kids alone and thinking to do it more often as a mother and kids bonding. We pretend to celebrate an advance birthday for myself. My kids were pretending baking a cake and even had a candle in it. It was so sweet and that was my little girl's idea of course. Daddy had fun taking pictures too and we even had a theme of our outfit. Sort of greeny and yellowish as you can see in our pictures. It was a great fun to be a mother with these beautiful angels. World can't compare and so lucky and thankful to have them in my life. Here's some photo to shares...Enjoy!

Btw Christmas Eve photos here and my Christmas gift is here too. Go and take a look!

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Carlota said...

advance happy bday haze...hehehe...nice pics as always.