Saturday, 29 December 2007

Everything I have now is because of "YOU"

Oy yeah, he is the sweetest banana I have ever taste, lol. [Kidding Folks] Yeah, the most generous man I've come across with. Is there any other apart from him? Hmmmmm, Never! Only few, I think lol. Well, feeling lucky since the day I met him. Feel so happy that he loves me for who/what I am. He and his family accept me uncondiationally, nothing more I could ask, really. I've got everything in life to be honest. Loving, kind, understanding and generous husband, wonderful kids, and very supportive in-laws is everything I dreamt for. God is so good to me, really.

I am well-provided, loved, secured and happy. Only wish for next year is more good health and good health for my family, for my love ones and for the people around the globe.

Got it! Yeah, part of my dream to be a professional photographer. Who else is going to dream with me and make my dream come true apart from hubby and my very loving family. I must say I am very blessed and very fortunate to have them all year round. I become more and more stronger and more confident woman. I got it all because of GOD. For he choose to gave me my very own family to travel along with my in my journey of life.

Thank you! My life is just an inch to be perfect. Thank you for the good year and wishing for more good years to come!

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