Wednesday, 5 December 2007

Home for Elderly

Hubby's grandmother is now 94 yrs old and beginning to slower down a bit in moving and walking. He often fall down and slipped down in to the floor which cost her a trip to hospitals few times in a month. The last time he hurt his hips badly and family are about to decide if its worth enough to put her into some care homes so she'll be look after properly. The family are willing to look after her and even provide her a home, to the extent hubby did offer him an accomodation without to pay in return just a pure heartily offer that somehow she might take, but to hubby's dismay she refused because she doesn't want to be hindrance to the family. So now we are trying to find here a care home that is suitable and compassionate enough to provides her needs. A nursing home that have the better caring even with or without guidance from the family everyday. A nursing home that is not far as living with faily that can provide the love and care. The family is undecided whether to put her the one nearest to all or the one further but has what we look for and has tick all the boxes like the bettercaring home.

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