Sunday, 2 December 2007

Miss China won the Miss World 2007

Who wouldn't get pissed-off in my position that its been weeks I been waiting to watch this show since I saw it from daily advertisement and very typical of me I missed it. I am talking about the Miss World 2007. I am so annoyed that I was not able to watch and witness this pageant. It was actually on last night and gawd I manage to have missed it. I just saw in one of my blogs newsreel about the winner, grrrrrrrrrrrr. So damn annoyed here.

Anyway, through reading news I know who won and no other than "Miss China Doll" won the title of the Miss World 2007 and beat the beauty of Mexico and Angola. She is only 23 yrs old and the tallest among the contestants, the heights of 182 cm. Huh? Only a little bit taller than me actually, hehehehe.

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