Thursday, 6 December 2007

Still Sick

When you have a sick baby all you want to do is love them and make sure they are alright all the time. My girl is not feeling well and she had this dry cough for a week now that caused her absence from school for 4 days. Daddy is been warning her not to do anything that will worn her out so she could go to sleep without coughing. But as a child all they want is play no whether they are well or not and that what happen to my Kath who have ant's in the pants. She wouldn't sit at all and keep jumping around whenever no one is watching. Then there come the cough attack during bedtime which scares and worried the crap out of me. Who wouldn't if you see you child having hard time to breat is like she had an ashma attack which she had when she was a little baby. I am so worried that it might come back now. I am unsure and if she don't feel better in couple of days then I would surely take her for check-up.

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