Sunday, 20 January 2008

Brama Telecom

I have been living here in England with my family for over 3 years now. The first year was seems okey for me because I only have one child but soon as my 2nd one was born, thats the time I missed home so badly. I wanted my Mother to give me a hand whenever my baby cries or felt sick. But unfortunately she is miles and miles away. I often cry out loud but never I can hide my loneliness and homesickness from husband because only one glimpse to my eyes he can already tell whether I am happy or not. He gets so worried that maybe I am unhappy and he dont want to see mee unhappy. One way I can talk to my family especially my parents is through internet phone service. Its way cheaper than long distance phone rates especially when your using mobiles and landlines to ring them. I used to buy prepaid cards but its not actually available at all times because4 the stock are just limited.

Anyway, unlimited long distance calling plan is what I want and what I really look for now. I want it done sooner so I could save my phone bills. I felt that I wasted too much money on international phone calls where I could used Bramatelecom and save. I have to switch and perhaps be sensible on money expenditures. Now that I have 2 kids and planning to have one more, we sure needs some extra cash and extra budgets. So saving from phone bills with a cheaper international long distance call service from Brama telecom company. They offers a low rate and a cheaper long distance calls and internet phone service in such an affordable prices. So, its clear for me that Brama telecom is the right one to use.

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