Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Car Shipping

My mind always wander about the things surround me and unaware some of it. I spend most of my time analysing stuff and keep asking the same question to myself on what if I send our old car to the Philippines. Do I think I can save or just pay too much better buy it there. What triggers me the most is the used car out there is so crap and most often dont work after couple of months. Not like here that if you buy used car it's just as good as brand new.

I plan to buy a car for my family as their personal service. I have am thinking that maybe I should buy it here because it would be a better deal plus cars here in England has far more powerful engines than down there in the Philippines. The problem is I would then do a car shipping and perhaps pay fortune just to get it there. So that puts me off on buying a car for my family. Also I am scared that it might damage before it actually get there because of the distance.

What I didn't know that there is actually an auto transport who do a an international car shipping service anywhere in the world that is just affordable and with skilled staff who tend to look after your car with care during shipping. I only new that there is a company who is great of car shipping who do an auto transportation move -- dealerships, military transfers, corporate relocation, online car auction purchases, and students. So there is nothing to fear about plus the ending will sure be happy and satisfied. I should make my decision now before we fly for our holiday over to Philippines so we could then use it. Would be cool!

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