Saturday, 12 January 2008

Cash Alternative

I have been looking around for the best possible payday loan. But seems I struggle finding the right one who wont charge me the interest as twice as I borrow. I am not sure if I could afford another debt but its not a debt actually because I'll be paying it soon as I'll get my next payday cheque. Only that I badly need some cash at the moment and its really bad timing because I am skint after those big extravaganza during holidays. Anyhow, I have not experienced of not paying any debt and as far as I am concern about payday loan is about being short in between paydays and that is why they are there as a choice.

I should not think of anything else apart from the goodness it brings in to me. I need some cash for my father's medication and thats all it matters. Only that its happen in the wrong time. Anyway not long from now its my payday again so I'll sure pay off whatever loan I am getting and sure I can still have some left over for treating myself into something exciting. I guess this is all what life is about, working and spending not saving, hehehehe. Hey, just let you know that I also have savings but prefer not to touch long as there is some other alternative for some cash like payday loans. Savings must be kept until its really, really needed. I choose payday loan this time.

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