Friday, 4 January 2008

Cash Monetary Emergencies

The 31st of December my Dad got confined into the hospital for a high bloog pressure attack which caused weakening of his heart that made him unconscious for few hours. It was really shocking and upsetting for all of us. Soon as I got the news I burst into tears and rang my family straight away. I was not settled until I heard that Papa is awake and alright. But things got worst when I heard that the private hospital near to our province didn't accept because they dont have the facilities to do so. Finally he got confined to the public one and I was making noised to move him into the private one no matter how much it cost. The last kicked of 2007, bads news of my dad's health. A month after my mum's breast emergency operation to remove the cyst.

I pretty much pay the hospitals bills and that made my bank balance broke and was worried I would not have enough to pay Dad's hospital bills. It ain't easy to be me but for Dad to be safe I'll do what I can. Glad I have found a perfect solutions which is a cash advance loans. I did apply and after 24 hours my application got qualified and then I received the cash directly into my bank account. So now I am just waiting for the total hospital bills then I will transfer some money through wiring soon as possible. Cash advance is really great for cash monetary emergency funds. I am so glad, really am.

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