Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Colon Cleansing

Colon Cleanse is often the best way to cleanse all the toxic of one's body. Hubby had this diabetical disease and often the symptoms is constepation and all that sort of thing. When his diabitical attacks, he would roll over the floor to relieve some pressure off. Before he used to take loads of pain killer but seems it didn't take effect. It was too painful for him that he would not lie down or still make it worst. Until he was confined into hospital and find out that its about diabetical disease but nothing serious to worry about. He just need to eat food more on fiber and avoid fried food and food that are hard to digest. He needs to release poop at least twice a day. Part of it was constant constipation. So now I am about to introduce him this Oxypowder when will do the colon cleansing and remove all the waste on his body as well as the body toxic. I dont want to see him in pain anymore and just glad he listen the GP's advice.

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