Tuesday, 29 January 2008

Friday is the Day!

According to forecast this thursday or Friday are going to snow, how I really wish! England is cold all year round and has a short summer. Its know for its unpredictable weather. No wonder I complain a lot because I can only decent sun couple times a year and thats on summer. Last year was so very disappointing our summer and hoping that this year summer will be far better. Anyway, for me winter is worth having when it would come with a snow, I just love snow! Last year we only had a little snow which is about 4 inches thick and melted so quickly within a day. Though I enjoyed playing at it with the kids and hubby but I so much wanted a thicker one this time. Could it be this friday my dream of having a thick snow will come true? Im crossing fingers here! Anyway, the photo below was taken last winter during the first snow of the year 2007, as you can see it was only thin layer of snow, lol.

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