Wednesday, 2 January 2008

Going to Travel

Now that holiday is done we are looking forward to the next step. Welcoming the new year of 2008 means looking forward for our holiday this year. Here are some list of places I would like to go these places if financial dont hinders us. Bahamas, Caribbean and in Cayman also Florida and that about it the list of places I want to go this year. Seems a long list and it could be expensive for sure but if we go Caribbean vacations we sure can get a cheaper deals for our accomodation and the same for bahamas as I see how affordable the rates of bahamas vacation rentals these days. I checked out goin2travel website and they even have a lower rates offer for Cayman Islands vacation rentals as well.

How nice it would be to go to these four places I have listed. Dream, oh dream! Yes there nothing wrong to dream and somehow I will get there. At least one of this list places I can go this year as promise to myself. How could I deny the fact that I am so desperate for a holiday this year. Last year we didn't go anywhere abroad for we are out of budget and this year we hope for the better and at least could go abroad for our family trip every year. Bahamas would be great of course and also Florida so I can see the dream place "Disneyland". So for vacation rentals and the likes dont hesitate to check the list of accomodation can goin2travel offers. They sure have those great luxurios rentals for you and for your family.

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