Thursday, 24 January 2008

Just A Busy Day

This blog is in need of renovation. I get so bored of looking at the same layout days after days. I guess I have to set aside time of doing it but not right now at this minute for I have some priorities to do first. Today, its been an accomplishing day for me because I have done so many household chores.

I've done re-organising my little princess bedroom and glad that she like it a lot. Also done my general cleaning in our bedroom too as well as our kicthen. I was a busy Mummy today. But I am so happy and so proud of myself for doing it all in a day. Usually I just sat down in front of my PC all day and just wait for the food that hubby always prepares. But now I had my mojo to clean and now its a nicer feeling that I finally done my task. I am ready for the weekend.

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