Wednesday, 9 January 2008


When we move house hubby will have an office where he can do all his works and keep his paper stuff safe. Right now we are a bit of clutter but that soon will change. This year we are assuming that its going to be good for us and we sure move into a bigger house where hubby can have his private office room. I hope I am allowed to that room, hehehehe.

Speaking of an office hubby needs to have these lockers to keep all those works paper he has. Its better that way so he knows where to look for them when he needs it. I am browsing different kinds of lockers and come across to this plastic lockers one and seems hubby is not so keen about it.

I guess he prefers a storage lockers that is made of steel so I guess that is what were going to look for. A storage steel lockers can be found here too at and whats more you can discover top quality of commercial lockers as well as residential. So now you know where to look for a lockers.

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