Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Priceless Smile

I tend to get many compliments with my smile now compared ages ago. I dont know what they see about my smile today. Few men told me once that my smile is Priceless! I am a little amazed because when I was a little child what I heard is contrast. I well-remembered when my uncle named me "Bungisngis" because everywhere I go and anywhere I walked to and whoever I met I tend to give them nothing but a smile.

And according to Uncle I have the ugliest smile he'd ever see. All all of the siblings I am the ugliest with no body to boast to. Because my sisters have this curved that every girl's or woman have dreamt about as well as pretty faces. I am not jealous of my sisters in any way in fact I am proud to have them as my sisters and I can shout into the world how beautiful they are.

But I just dont like being compared to anybody because I believed that beauty comes from within. I smiled a lot and probably thats just my personality and the way how I respond to people. "Sa katiguwangan pa maau ug kina-iya, hinagad ug dili arte."

So I grew up knowing that my smile ain't that precious but a sugary one. Who cares? I dont give a damn what other may see and think but for me that is my attitude and smiling to people is just something I like doing rather give them a frowny face. But now its similar because I tend to received as many complimentary about how beautiful when I smiled. Isn't it bizzare? People have different views about beauty! But I dont say I am ugly because in the eyes of God we are all beautiful as we are made upon his image.

For my hubby I am the most beautiful woman on earth, hehehehe. He also added that I have a high-cheekbone that most women dont have and would choose to spend millions to have it done through surgery but me I got it from birth. Funny world, right? Seems nobody is contented.

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jamjoel07 said...

very pretty smile....