Tuesday, 22 January 2008

Tap4less, a Bathroom Accessories Provider

Bathroom should be the one most cleanest place in the house. Me and my family is are using many disinfectant in our bathroom and one or twice a day we clean it. Especially when we have kids the bathroom is their list of favourite place to play. I dont know why but I guess because there are loads of stuff to see. One thing we are particular about is our bathroom accessories. When we bought this place 5 yrs ago we notice that the shower was not working properly but we didn't make a fuss because we know that we can just change and redecorate our bathroom easily. One time we used a glass shower frames but glass is too fragile when there is kids around. My kids are always banging things inside our bathroom and it really scares me.

That is when hubby decided we have to change the whole lot. Despite of the Taps because they were made by really quality taps and design my Mira. Mira is one of the branded taps in the world as well as hudson reed taps. We change the electric shower though, bathroom cabinets and bath tub too. This was 3 yrs ago and now that we're selling our place we get a lot of compliments of our bathroom and many people get attracted to a nice and well design and well decorated bathroom. So visit tap4less.com if you change your bathroom look.

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