Wednesday, 6 February 2008

Bad Wifey here

So tired and sleepy here as well as hubby because to be fair to him, he did all the cleaning and tiding up tonight soon after he got home from work. I sound so nasty and abusive, right. I take the advantage of having a good and masunurin husband to let him do all the errands. Earning money, cooking meals, ironing clothes, cleaning the house and what exactly have I done? Nothing but bugger all, sitting in front of the PC all day growing my fat belly into one bulging balloon that soon will be hanging down on my knee if I am not be careful. I know, I should act like a wife to him but hey I always make things clear that he dont marry me to be a servant and he should know that as long as our marriage last. Well, so much for that, I'll try next time, lol.

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emma said...

bad wifey,indeed lol