Friday, 15 February 2008

A Father's Dream

This is the first and will be the last love and marriage for him. A Christian father who is so devoted to his family and wants nothing else but the best life he can provide for his family. He value marriage and he believe it should be done only one, but it doesn't mean he critisize to those who are seperated or divorce. He do believed that marriage should be forever.

He was so unhappy and devastated when his parents got divorce and was badly hurt and too affected by it but he did open his heart again to let the anger out when he realised its not good to hold any grudges inside. Sometimes in life there are things happens for a reason. For him it was the end of the world and the split-up of his parents caused him so much heartaches and woes. It's true that in divorce, the kids are the one who'll be affected the most.

He then made a promised to himself that he would never married unless he is sure its for life. The young man of 37 finally found happiness in his heart with his one and only wife in history and the kids of his dreams. He accept everything in her and that together they promised to live and love each other till their last breath.

For him the most important thing in the world is not having an expensive clothes, expensive stuff or luxurious car but its his family, he value the most. Nothing can be more valuable to him that his wife and kids. He have hopes and dreams for us but together we will accomplish it. Loving, supporting and descipling the kids are on top of his list. Giving private education too and teach them to be a god-fearing individual. It may sound so simple but for him its a real challenge and are big responsibilities a father can take. He believes that having a children doesn't mean lived them or abandoned them for the rest of their life or even not bother to give them what they need especially the love and care.

So, for no doubt these two lovely angels and to the third one in the future will get the best care and loved by their Daddy and from me too. The best thing he wants for his kids is simply the "Happiness". And for them to be happy it got to be with a Daddy who take care of them and who's always there for them for good times and in bad.

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