Wednesday, 27 February 2008

Filipino Food Marathon

This week is pretty good for me, you know why? Its because hubby had been buying me loads and loads of filipino goodies, such as the vegetables, dried fish, pickled shrimps, tins of sardines, pancit cantoon, longganisa and more. I will share some pics later on.

I am really lucky that I have such a very thoughtful husband who tend to look after my needs first before him. He was in London for a meeting and soon he was done, he roamed around in London just to find this filipino store that everyone is talking about. And not long of searching he found it and bought me tons of goodies. I love it and since I've got all of the goodies, everyday I always cooked filipino food and seems my kids and hubby loved my cooking this time. I guess I am good at cooking filipino dishes only, lol.

I had cooked, pinakbet, ginaling, mongo soup, sauteed beens with corn beef and more. i'll share the pics, I promised.

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