Wednesday, 27 February 2008

How Kath's doing in her School?

I just got back from the meeting in my daughters school. The teacher was basically talking about how grateful they are are for the parents who supported the kids like their reading skills, spelling, sounds and grammar.

Also they pointed out that there are parents who hadnwrite their kids homework and it should not allowed for they encourage the kids to be Lazy. So, its for the kids to recap all the lessons in the school and that is why they are sending homeworks but for the parents to do it its useless, really. Kids just need guidance but not to take over their responsibilities to do their own assignments. I am glad hubby is so into making our kids become more independent as early as can be. So, he often taught Kath her homeworks or helped her understand what she needs to do and then let her do the rest, which is perfectly right.

Kath is now good at reading, spelling but not grammar. She only remembers full stop. I hope by practising more she could learn it on the summer term. Daddy and Mummy is always here to help.

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