Wednesday, 20 February 2008

Plumbing Courses

In philippines Plumbing is not that high paid job and it surprised me how much they paid the plumner here. Imagine a 200 quid if not more a day? Whew! That is really a high paid job, no wonder most of my friends wanted to take a Plumbing Training because they knows that it pays better than their current job. They are really looking to earn more and a job that they do enjoys rather than a boring one and pays less. That is why they are going to take the plumbing training and been looking for a good place to take such course. I guess I'll have to share them what I know about plumbing training online. They'll sure be delighted soon as I break this news about Avand.

A year ago we had our kitchen done and we hire a plumber to do the plumbing of course and guess what? We pay even more for that guy because he demanded £260 a day and he even took a week to finish the job so it cost us nearly £2000 for the plumbing. Its not a joke amount, you know? So, I guess plumbing is a good career but for everyone else who have plan to take a training better do it in a good training school like in AVAND. They really do a good training courses for plumbing and and surely you would enjoy every session with all their professional and friend trainors.

So, think of a better career? Be a plumber and take a plumbing training in now!

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