Tuesday, 26 February 2008

Telemarketing Leads

Hubby's company are apparently not growing anymore than they used to 5 years ago. I guess its because of the bad Lead Generation or simply because the business Managing Directors, CO and the other major shareholders are not managing it well. They are even unaware that their business are soon will end less than that it's worth to be. I guess all they need is a proper lead generation's specialist who can run their business properly in order to earn an opportunity to present the product and good services to win clients and perhaps increase the sales and profits. What they need is a telemarketing professionals.

Hubby's company is about selling their hygienne products and winning the customers trust however with all those brainless people around who dont seems to work hard and clueless of what their aim is really about. I will not be surprised if their company will announce the bankcruptcy soon. I guess if they want to gain back and grow their business again they should go and consult the blueberry for they offer a great marketing solutions. They are offering these great services like Appointment Making, Lead Generation, Database Cleaning, Customer Maximisation, Sales Training, Market Research which they really need. Blueberry is 2nd to none and the best lead generation website I have even come across. I been suggesting this to hubby many times but what can he really do if the bosses won't support him?

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