Tuesday, 4 March 2008

No to American Red Cross!

Hubby is not a big Fan of ARC. He was gutted when he found out that I been donating to ARC through my blogging money. So far, I donated about $100 plus bucks because I felt like I had to after earning online. Hubby told me that I could donate it to any other charity foundation but not to ARC. What?

According to him ARC charity service is not very good. He had a bad experienced with them during his mission time in Philippines. It's a long story to tell but yeah, he was not impressed by then. It's not a personal reason but for charity too. So, he would be very happy if I stop my donation to them. So I did and move to Alzhiemer's Walk and so far donated 30 bucks with them. I felt that if I gave to charity I would receive more, lol. Just my personal beliefs! Sharing my blessings is what I primarily learn during high school days.

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