Friday, 4 April 2008

Air Purifier

Way back 5 years ago when we were still living back in Philippines, where we had an air condition we always get this unresolved problem of the air purifier that we used to clean our air condition every month. We could not get the right one and that it makes the air condition running so badly until we got to the point of throwing it away and bought a new one. It was not worth buying every single month out of the year of those crap air purifier and yet none of them really works. It was so annoying and waste of time and money. I wish we had knew a better back then, unfortunately we are too lazy to research. But now, I've seen that there is actually a website where you can visit and read on about the efficient products that will work well for as your air filtering especially to those people who hates the smell of smoke or any bad odours indoors. You can visit the website about recommendations of air purifier and can leave air purifier ratings afterwards. Some are too pricey and can be expensive to replace but there are other great choices regardless. Just visit them now.

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