Monday, 28 April 2008

Big Shopping Time

Yupp, next month and the month after is a special day for the family. So, I will be off shopping big time by then and hoping I could avail some of this Online Promotion Codes to help me save a bit of money on shopping especially the thing that I have in my mind to give to my behalf on our coming 5th wedding anniversary. Because of the many good things happen we are thinking to give thanks and that day will take place by either june or july (dates are not fixed yet). So, before that we are planning to shop for some appliances and that should includes hubby's big dream of upgrading our television into one of this high definition flat screen. Will surely be checking out some good deals of stuffs for hubby's new office and he can't wait! For me, all I asked him is some tools for our garden because by june we will be moving to a bigger place with a garden. And it sure keeps me busy all day, planting veggies, flowers and all sort of crops. Yes, the next couple months will be exciting time for us and will be the big shopping time.

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