Thursday, 24 April 2008

Online Albums Sucks

As you know I used myphotoalbum to keep my photos all the years but it seems the website sucks for it hidden all my photos away as well as my scrapping layouts I can't view them all unless I am going to purchase a key or join the club membership or buy a photo gifts at their store. What really makes me all annoyed is that they offer photo gifts but the delivery sucks big time. It's too bloody expensive, they charge too much! I rather move to multiply or create albums at my friendster account.

My photoalbum is not at all ideal and the same thing as phototrail. I used to upgrade and now that I stop upgrading I can't view my photos anymore. How pathetic is that? The system is not great or not even close to good. I'm better off with other free sites. Anyway, I still have my photos in my hard drive and that I would wish to print them and save it in my album here at home. I don't like these online albums at all. Fair do's to the good one's!

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