Friday, 25 April 2008

Health Nutrition

I been very naughty the past few months or shall I say during winter days because as much as I didn't do any exercise I also feed and stuffed my fat face. Now, I am feeling bloated and thinking to go dieting before summer comes. I have been shopping for two piece bikini or swimwear without thinking that I haven't got that flat abs anymore. So, now I need to start on my strict diet and forget those food that are more on calories. I prefer these healthy snack bars and high protein bars so I can lose weight quicker. I have to descipline myself and hide all the chocolate if possible I won't buy any fattening and ready meal food. My diet snack list includes this all natural energy bar to maintain my daily energy and still I can run around and play with my kids. Too glad I have found this promaz nutrition website where I can copy all the good things of health information and health nutrition food that I need to lose this excess meat I have.

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