Wednesday, 16 April 2008

International Prepaid Phone Cards

Living away from my parents is a little bit harder for me and I struggle the first time I got here in England. I often find the country very boring and very quite and for me it is no good because it cause boredom. I grew up in the country where you can see many people even up to midnight, they either singing or chatting to each other and enjoying the midnight twilight together. I do speak to my parents and other siblings via telephone or internet. I chat to them almost everyday and phone them twice or 3 times a week and boy the cost of it is unbeliavable but hubby said the important is for me not to get so board and homesick. But I guess I can find better way of calling them in a cheaper rates. Like buying one of this international prepaid phone card from

The advantages of using prepaid phone cards is the cost and very affordable too. At therichcom website they have listed all the best seller of prepaid phone card for the customer convenient if ever they would like to research international prepaid phone cards that are affordable at a low cost compare to other big companies who charge almost as twice. So, I better start researching for the best prepaid phone cards now to stop my fat bills coming to our house every month. Why should I used big companies where there other alternative way of calling home in such a very affordable rates. This is somewhat a better way fo communication my family without spending too much money. Why not save if there is a chance?

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