Monday, 28 April 2008

My Savings Rocks

Things are gone well at our end here and we are so happy for that and soon we are finally moving house and everything is not all set and just waiting for the paperworks to be done and we are good to go. Loads of good things happen this year and we are so greatful about it. Bare in mind we work hard of what we get today so well done to hubby especially and of course myself for being so patience for years. Soon, it'll be hubby's birthday. And is also mother's day in Philippines and some other countries. Here in UK our mother's day was March but I will celebrate again this May. Many things to celebrate and plus we are so thankful of the good things. Aside from Mothers day, hubby will be celebrating his 43rd birthday and a week after we will celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary. Time flies, doesn't it?

Anyway, regarding on that conversation, we come up with some good ideas of presents to one another. I am eyeing something really cool for hubby's birthday gift. I was giving him a hint on the things I would like to have this Mother's day or it can be our wedding anniversary presents. I hope he was paying attention otherwise he'll be on trouble, hehehehe. I am shopping online for his gifts and I am sure he would do exactly the same thing. And just as well I have found a good website which offers hundreds of links to real brand free stuff and all sort of freebies. This is what I love about shopping online because I can get many Free Samples in which I could used for other things to buy. I often do online shopping eversince hubby introduce me to it. I get so hooked up into shopping online and I guess it is just so convenience for me due to my immobility to go out somewhere. I wish I know how to drive but with all these great offers online where I can avail some Grocery Coupons that I can used buying our grocery stuff. There is nothing more I could ask, really. save all the hassles of my shopping at the same time help me save more bucks every time I shop. Isn't it great? So, why not you visit now?

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