Thursday, 15 May 2008

The Amusing Part

At work today, there were customer who had a verbal fight due to queuing in a basket instead in the main till. I was a cashier in a basket till and it is only 10 items is allowed. Around 4pm the basket queue was long and there was a man who happen to protest agaisnt another customer who have more than 10 items in her shopping trolley. He told her that she should have gone to the main till because she has too much shopping for a basket till. And the longer the queue. She get so pissed off by his comments so he throw bad words against him and they had fight. I was so amused and can't help myself but laughed. It was really funny because the woman was really angry. Who do you think to be blame? Is it the cashier itself or the customer? Have experienced being in the basket till even you have a full shopping trolley? Basket is for basket only nothing else. Trolley is allowed as long as it has less than 10 items but more than that should be going to the main till. That is what I understand! Oh well, at least they made me laughed, lol.

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