Thursday, 1 May 2008

The end of Brooke's American Idol Journey

As we wave goodbye to Brooke White on wednesday with at least over 30 million votes for her it was like the end of the world. She was so upset and was not all ready to go and tears shed on her face. I like her voice and I think she is a very sweet person, in fact, she is too sweet for Simon's Cowell, lol. Anyway, at least my favourite Syesha Mercado is still on top 4 and she really is surviving weeks after weeks of being in the bottom 3. But I am sure David Cook would win this competion, it is so obvious because there is no one as good as him. Little David maybe cute and got all the little girls vote and even to the extent the old people but he ain't gonna wim because David C has got more votes than him. But will see in few weeks time during the final week. It would really be exciting. Actually, I am just so happy about Syesha surviving, I knew she would because she is just perfect girl for the competition. Not playing any character, she is just being herself unlike other contenders who are so trying hard. She is my best bet from the very beginning among other female contestants. Way to go Syesha M!

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