Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Sunscreen is Vital!

I am very happy to see some progress of our so called Spring season. For the past days it has been very lovely and I enjoyed setting outside watching the sunshine. As far as I am concern I love being on the sunlight especially living here in this cold country where my skin rarely exposed to sunlight. However, there is some drawback of being in direct sunlight where you can get sunburn. But we all know that Screen, Inc. do sells sunscreen especially made for individual skin type. Like my kids they are allergy in many sorts of stuff and I have to be extra careful using skincare product all the time. Gladly, at screen, Inc, I can find facial sunscreen that ideal for the kids, to my kids especially. They usually get itchy using other products so I had to made sure it is specifically the brand that they're skin acquire the best.

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