Tuesday, 1 July 2008

My Diet Plan

I am currently working the excess meat on my belly because I wanted to wear my bikini this summer in one of our Beach trip plan. Now, I am actually weighing more than I wanted to be and I am not happy about it so I am taking a move and so far I am losing already 2 kilos for just a week of my diet meals. I am cutting more calories intake and drinking more water as well as exercise everyday like taking a walk or dancing at home while doing my household chores. When we move in next few weeks I am thinking of buying an exercise machine. I am actually having an eye of this treadmils online. I hope I can buy it after we move and continue losing the excess fat for the summer to come.

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michaelwood59 said...

Losing weight can a tough thing to do especially if your not active. My wife and i want to lose alittle weight too. I found that nintendo makes the Wii Fit. Its got about 40 differant excersises that you can do. Best thing is you dont have to go waste money on gas going to the gym or on memberships as you do this in the privacey of your own home. i did a post on this if your interested in seeing it. We plan on buying it later on and take advantage of all the great features. check out my post on http://michwood59.blogspot.com/2008/07/wii-entertainment-system.html My sister also bought one and commented on my blog about it. Good luck!