Thursday, 31 July 2008

So Worried

I am so worried, for all these years I still have stranded hair. Its thousands of it everyday that is going to fall from my head, its so scary. I might get bald sooner than I thought. I have to do something before its too late but I already tried so many different products but seems nothing works for me. I guess I have to do web searching for some Hair Loss Products online. There is a website that do a hair loss reviews all over the web and list the best one. I have to tried one or two from the list and see what happens. I am just not so happy of my hair fall before and after washing. I am thinking to try this Provillus and since it is herbal products so there is no worries for any chemical reaction. Herbal hair loss treatment is usually good since it is chemical free. It is applicable for men and women. Also there are some other good choices besides provillus like procerin, advecia and many other good hair loss products that has been reviewed by this website before putting them on their list. It sounds promising and I am so keen giving it a try soon before I loss all my hair.

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