Thursday, 12 March 2009

High School Life? One of the best time!

I wa quite lucky in the school I went to during my high school because it was newly built and we were pioners. Since first year until I graduated I had the most memorable days of my life. I really enjoyed my high school life and it was the best time, with true friend and mates. I had my crash falling on me and we dated but split up after 3 weeks, lol. It was so funny! I have the best teachers that eventually became my friends too. I had one teacher who I truly hate and never really spoke to her since I left the school. It's nearly 9 years since I left and I've heard that they are planning for a high school reunions 2 years time. So, I do hope to attend it and it should be exciting as I am going to see all my classmates and friends once again after 10 years. Since I left high school I went to the city and find myself a job. I work as a house helper in night time and at ticketing agency in the day time. I was able to help my parents and other younger siblings. Then after few years I decided to move job where they pay me more and couple years later I met my husband and now happily living here in England UK. So, been here for over 4 years now and looking forward for our high school reunions next year.

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