Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Bathing Suits I love

Summer is drawing so near and it's the time again where you can enjoy sun bathing in the beach just relaxing, chilling and letting the sun kiss your body. How I missed doing that! That is why I get so excited when summer is nearly here. Don't you? I am excited because I can get to wear my favourite swim suit and not to mention I can buy new ones too. Last year we have about 3 trips to the beach and that was not even totally sunny because last year summer was a bit of disappointment for most part of UK. This year is news to be more dryer and that I am so keen to buy loads of two piece or any swim suit to add to my collection. I have quite a few that I haven't used last year but still I think of getting new ones this year. I just saw new stuff around and man, they are really cool. If only I got the best body I could have wear any bathing suits I fancy especially a very low cut one. Oh well, I still wanna enjoy my summer in the beach, no matter what! My kids both love it too and so is hubby. Is the most relaxing activities I could think of and I sucker when it comes to the beach. I so love being at the beach. If only the weather here is not cold. This summer is going to fun and I can't wait. I'll sure be a mother in the loose! I can certainly spend days in the beach. Anyway here's my another one that I fancy for this summer. Doesn't it look hot! Gosh, a must-have for this season. And what more? There are loads of new killer style and if you got the body then why not go for the best hot swim wear.

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