Friday, 15 May 2009

Arvada Roofing

I planned to build a house back in Philippines for my parents but right now I lost interest of pursuing what I had started. I already sent thousands of pounds to buy the basic materials and supposedly in June they are going to start working at it. But what I recently find out was very discouraging so I might think of doing it in the city instead. I have to paid someone to transport all the materials that has been bought up to the City. I don't care if it cost a lot of money as long as I am building a house where my family can be all safe to live in it. Aside from that, I am investigating about roofing because I wanted to make sure it is safe and durable. So, I'll see if Arvada Roofing is available or will do roofing works that far. If not then I'll have to find as good roofer as Arvada. It'll be great if they could do roofing in Philippines. I'll better check their website and where else they do roofer servicing. I have read about how good they do exterior designing and I really find it very promising and interesting to try. Ah, I'm sure I can find a way. I'll have to try phoning them as soon as I am financially ready, hehehehe.

Complete Blur

I am totally confused and angry right now. I have been crying for days and couldn't work out why it had happened. I just don't know where to start and how I am going to cope with this horrendous trials. I just hope that one day all my question will be answered. Right now, I can't think of anything else but felt sorry for my younger sisters. I just wish I knew back then and could have done anything about it. I felt helpless and confused.

Thursday, 14 May 2009

Interracial Dating for Free?

Oh yeah, why not? Is it unbelievably true but it is the fact. Isn't it good to have a free interracial dating? That means, you don't need to spend anything to find good intimate relationships. Who know this could be the next big thing in your life. Find that special person that you long for. Now, this free interracial dating is here to help you. What are you waiting? Go and register for free and start chatting with different people around the world.

Don't you just love tulips?

This was on Easter 2009 at my in-laws place. They've got beeautiful garden where I can I can just spend hours looking at different flowers. But these tulips caught my attention the most. Aren't these lovely? I can't get enough of it. I have about 100 photos but only select few that I thought were good enough to share here.

The beauty of in-law's yardLoving FIL's tulipsIMG_8057

Rustic Furniture

I would really love to have this rustic furniture I just found while searching. This site I stumble upon looks and sell really good office furniture and home furniture too. I definitely send it forward to few friends and family especially my in-laws who are relocating very soon. I bet they wanted some new furniture into their new place. I just see this site very helpful for them and a friend of mine too who just recently rang me for an advince about home and office furniture. Honestly, the picture above if one day I'll own an office it'll certainly be my first choice. I don't know about hubby, I think he kinda like real wooden furniture such oakwoods. Well, in this site he could have as many choices as they sell various kind of furniture. So, I'll better save this website.

Sad and Depressed

I'm a little depressed over 3 days now and the reason is very confidential and personal. Somehow I have the feelings of telling my close friends but not now because it is too early and fresh. All I want is some piece and quite and hoping to overcome this trials if not at least I can move on. Thanks for keep visiting my blog.

Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Bathing Suits I love

Summer is drawing so near and it's the time again where you can enjoy sun bathing in the beach just relaxing, chilling and letting the sun kiss your body. How I missed doing that! That is why I get so excited when summer is nearly here. Don't you? I am excited because I can get to wear my favourite swim suit and not to mention I can buy new ones too. Last year we have about 3 trips to the beach and that was not even totally sunny because last year summer was a bit of disappointment for most part of UK. This year is news to be more dryer and that I am so keen to buy loads of two piece or any swim suit to add to my collection. I have quite a few that I haven't used last year but still I think of getting new ones this year. I just saw new stuff around and man, they are really cool. If only I got the best body I could have wear any bathing suits I fancy especially a very low cut one. Oh well, I still wanna enjoy my summer in the beach, no matter what! My kids both love it too and so is hubby. Is the most relaxing activities I could think of and I sucker when it comes to the beach. I so love being at the beach. If only the weather here is not cold. This summer is going to fun and I can't wait. I'll sure be a mother in the loose! I can certainly spend days in the beach. Anyway here's my another one that I fancy for this summer. Doesn't it look hot! Gosh, a must-have for this season. And what more? There are loads of new killer style and if you got the body then why not go for the best hot swim wear.

Friday, 1 May 2009

1st of May

May is here! Goodbye April and welcome May! Spring is truly here and I am enjoying it everyday. I love good weather and hate the cold winter, lol. So, you'll probably see me smiling more and writing about happy days rather than boring rant of cold miserable winter. Anyway, still a little chilly but much much better though. Here's my kids on Easter day btw, taken at their Grandpa's place. Both wearing yellow as it is the colour of Easter Sunday.

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Monday, 27 April 2009

Nivea Vissage

PAD entry # 107

These are my newly bought personal stuff. A beauty essentials for woman like me. I am pretty simple but I love washing my face and apply as much moisturiser because it really gets so dry if I don't. So, here I am spending money just to beautify myself, lol. I gotta maintain my looks otherwise hubby might swap for another, lol. [KIDDING]!

Saturday, 18 April 2009


Spring are not bad at all. We have few weeks of really good weather and so we made the most of it by simply visiting places such as castles. We visited Arundel and Leeds which both are very beautiful castles. I had so much fun knowing the history of Britain and it's people. Here's couple of my shots and if you copy them and post in your blog pls do credit me..........

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