Wednesday, 30 May 2007

The Loser's Creed

Here are the 13 principles you need to embrace if you want to be a loser in life:

1. If it feels good.. do it
2. Never learn from the past, and never plan the future.
3. Never take responsibility and never take a stand .
4.Never show up on time and never commit to anything.
5. If a commitment is unmistakingly made, do not follow through on it.
6. Always take the easy way out... and whenever possible ...make an excuse.
7.Play it safe.
8. When in doubt.. bail out.
9.When the going gets tough..retreat.
10.If at first you don't succed..quit.
11.Expect to reap without sowing and succeed without risk.
12.Expect something for nothing , and expect to grow without effort.
13.React to everything.But dont do this.. We have to learn from The Losers.

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