Monday, 28 May 2007

What Lies Ahead?

Most people are anxious about their future. Well who doesn't want to have their future to happen according to what they have plan? It would be great to have everything to fall in the right places, right? But we will never know, we don't know what the future will give us. No matter how we tried figuring it out. We have so much worries, everything is always about the" What if...." statement for us. There are people who wants to make it happened. Some people who would resort to palm reading, horoscope, toll free number for those astrologers. Who qouted that its possible to see what lies ahead.
Honestly speaking I always check my horoscope daily, its not because that I do really believe in it. It just seem amusing to me that someone could think they can predict someones future according to their birth sign. Well sometimes what they've written did happen and most of the time it didn't to me. People have their own beliefs and practices and I do respect it. Some people are hooked on it and some thinks its rubbish.
I believe that future shouldn't be feared. You have to have great confidence in life have to offer to each of us. I have faith in life because God will take care of it. HE will reveal things in time. HIS willingness and ability to care for you and provide for you. More than that the full assurance that HE has forgiven you and that you are HIS very own will dominate your heart.This surety is what makes you carefree about the future. HE will not fail you nor forsake you; but will be with you till the very end.

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