Sunday, 10 June 2007

Another Tag (Grabbed From Darlene)

1. Single or married? >>> Single
2. Have kids? how many? >>>none but someday hopefully
3. Ever kiss your bf/gf/husband/wife's lips in public? Where? >>>YES, I don't mind PDA
4. Guilty of not liking someone's gift for U but still smiled and says 'it's very nice'? Be honest
now ;-)
>>>Probably I did, but I can't really remember now. I don't usually recieve gifts,
nobody loves me that much
5. Any weird plan for the future?confident enough to share what is it? >>>Nothing really, I
want a proper life.I have to much weirdness going on already.
6. Been dare to do something that makes you feel great after accomplishing the mission?>>>I
can't remember anythin. I don't do those nonsense. If I want to feel accomplished then I
would dare myself instead.
7. Danced on the public & caught a lot of attention not because you dance gracefully but because
your tipsy or drunk?
>>>It never happened to me and am hoping it will never ever be.
8. Ever cheated in your exams ? >>>I did but not in every exams though.
9. Kissed a picture of a celebrity?>>> Backstreet Boys, I was so gaga over them when I was in
highschool. Oh well, I don't fancy them anymore.
10. Liked someone (in the past) that can't like you back? >>>Yes.I guess so. He is too
goodlooking for me.
11. What you think is your greatest asset (physically)? >>>Butt. I have got fine ass, that
makes me look a bit sexy hehehe
12. Got a birthmark? where? >>>Nope I have none.
13. Ever have a kissed mark from an ex? >>> Yeah. on my neck
14. Done some laundry lately? >>Yesterday
15. What do you wear usually at bedtime? >>>Nighties or XL shirt and nothing underneath.
16. Ever been involve in shoplifting? When? >>>Of course not!
17. Seen a porn movie or read a porn mag? >>>Yes. of course who doesn't
18. Earned a money before the age of 18? (either won a lotto, job,prize...) If yes how & how
much? >>>Nope, before my mom provided me everything, I just started earning money
just a year I started college, and how of course working ( what a question to ask)
20. Did you thank God today before you answer this tag? >>>Nope, what I did was ask for His
help. I did something really terrible I asked sorry as well.

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Darlene said...

Thank you dae ha sa pagtubag sa tagay.Happy wednesday & Godbless!