Monday, 4 June 2007

Things Money Cannot Buy

I was browsing on yahoo when an article about Paris Hilton caught my attention. The headline was about the heiress serving her sentence. I have heard about it in BBC news but I wasn't really interested about the details. The news said that she will be sent to jail because she was driving with a suspended license and driving under the influence of alcohol. I don't think that it was just Paris who have done it. Some people who was in the same case was able to get themselves out by paying the bail. I was thinking that the judge was a bit harsh on Paris. But well when I have read everything it did say that she have been pulled over and was arrested by highway police for more than two times. Well now I understand why the judge did give that decision. The heiress needs to learn her lesson. Well anyway, it might even do her good. Good or bad publicity is always a good one. And I reckon after serving her sentence she will be a sensation once again. She might start writing another book. It will make her more famous. Though some people thinks whats happening to the heiress is a big joke and some were giving her nasty comments. Oh well...

My post is not really about the heiress and the latest buzz about her. Its all about me since its my blog. I am having these heavy loads right now.On top is financial ( money , money) and among other things . I keep thinking if I just got loads of it (money) things will be a lot better. I can pay off my mortgage, I won't be having any worries that my brother and sister wont finish college and I can provide my Mama a comfortable life in her old age. I may even don't have anything much right now. But I am a dreamer and I do always want to make things happen. And I know it will happen in time. But I have realized after reading that article, even if you are the richest man in world there are times that money can't help. Like what happened to the heiress, her wealth and fame didn't save her from having her pretty a** behind bars. A passage in the bible says that "Man can't live in bread alone". There's more to life than thinking- success means having an enormous wealth. There are times that I am happy even if I have few pennies in my wallet. Paris Hilton did something really stupid but what happened to her did open my eyes. I am feeling sorry about myself all the time for not getting my way in life. But my perception was changed now. Its not bad to dream big but just don't be so consume about it. It will just give you nothing but depression and desperation plus frustrations.And about the heiress I know it will be hard for her but hope she will be alright and would learn her lesson. I am not a Paris fan but I think she's alright. I hope she can survive the 23 days without her make up kit and fancy clothings.

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haze said...

A very true indeed!Yes just keep on dreaming and might one day you will have all your dreams come true.