Thursday, 30 August 2007

Just What am Thinking Tonite!

Life is not always bed of roses and its not like a bridge over troubled water always too. Life goes round and round. You go up and you go down. I have been in the most darkest days of my life and now its ending. I can see the bright light gleaming ahead of me. Half of the time was restless. Constantly thinking about how things have gone wrong. There were times that I had so much of it that I had to something desperately about it. I almost lost my mind, my soul and my life. Ive been suicidal in times thought pain is never ending. But I don't know what makes me grasp hardly on something. I know I was over the edge, I don't know myself anymore. But thank the Lord he was always there with me to hold on me and never let me go. I had loads of expectations in life all are good and for the better. But the world will never be fair no matter how you make things right it will never be alright. There is nothing to explain about it and theres no reason for it.. Its just the way it is so just have to deal with it.

Me am not really happy right now but am feeling the tranquility. I feel like am soaring not wiith happiness but peacefulness. My spirit is free and I owe it to God, He have given me salvation. And that made me feel no matter what decisions Ill make or how I handle my life there should be no worries. God will always be around when you need him the most. He will never let you down. Just hang on!!!

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