Friday, 21 September 2007

Morning is Here!

Its 5:30 am right now, just finished my shift and am supposed to go home and rest. But anyway its my off today so I decided to stay for awhile and watch a movie in the pantry. Well a number of people are here having their breaks and it made me smile. Well am very glad that I was hired by my current company. I am so happy that I was assigned on the AT&T account because everything that you do are all compensated. The working environment is so friendly and there's no pressure. I just started so am not really sure about not getting stressed.But what I have noticed people here are relaxed while working. I feel good being here, I feel that I do belong here. I have meet good people as well. People that you can be friends with. I know that I'll be having progression and I think I'll last long here. I have realized that when you think that you don't have anything to live on for tomorrow, God will always provide something. He will take something that is dear to you but replaced with a better one. Well everything really happens for a reason. Things always have its purpose. I was feeling a bit sad awhile ago but God never failed to cheer me at the end of the day. He always gives me hope and tells me not to be stressed out. He always provide solutions to your problems. I am just thankful for all the blessing He have given me. I was just so stupid to focus my attention to all the badness while in truth those badness werent really relevant. Right now I am missing some good friends that I have met when I was a troubled person. But have to move on and try to be happy each day.

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