Sunday, 23 September 2007

Lonely Soul

Its still my day off and I dont really have much to do. I want to go out but I dont really have that much to spend. I am tired of staying in the room the whole day. I think I should write something on here just to update my blog. I am going to the church later and will visit some of my friends. I am feeling lonely. I am so silly i just came from a bad relationship but am still hoping that I do have someone special right now. I never felt like this before. Oh well I know I'll get use to this. But I feel like I want to be chummy and sweety with someone.. This is pathetic but I can't deny it. I am also scared to go out on a date with someone because am not ready to be attached or to be involved with someone yet. I'll give it a month or so. Who knows my prince charming is just around the corner. Yuck! So gross. I can't believe am writing this. I wish I could write a really nice article but what am doing right now is cluttering. My thoughts are everywhere. Just one of those days that a girl go through. When youre lonely inside and you don't know what to do. Oh Please Lord, I wanna be loved and to be cared for. I deserve it but why it isnt happening. Well I'll just try to get by.


haze said...

Your time will come thats definite! Just give a time and sure you get what you deserve.

Take care always and just hand it all to God. Be strong always!


Ardie said...

(I lost my love in April--I wrote this...)

On naked limbs the green buds unseal.
We took no notice of April’s display
We were strangers to these days.
The half we chose: the perilous unreal.

My backward glance of your eyes
The last touch of your finger tips
The thoughts of parting friendship
We left the living part with our goodbyes.

Now I dream of you with forlorn stares.
Your arm will never rest in mine
Our joy no more will the night outshine.
In walks alone, white flowers say my prayers.

Davawenya0421 said...

thanks guys for the comments