Thursday, 27 December 2007

Alone Shopping with Hubby

On Christmas eve me and hubby went shopping of our own leaving the kids with the grandparents. We had to do a quic shopping for theor stockings as we didn't get into earlier. It was very surprising how packed the shops are for I thought we are the only disorganised parents for doing the last minute christmas shopping. I also bought few cute tops for myself and for hubby since the sale was just started by then. Unfortunately I got the top who is not on sale for I didn't find any particular style I like on sale. Most on the sale racks are the stuff that either too big or damaged which I think is just a waste of money so its better to buy something that can be useful for many years to come.

We had lunch at Wimpy the quickest food we can take that day for I was so hungry and fighting for the cold wind. It was a nice time indeed shopping with hubby alone without the kids to worry about. I wish to do it more often but sadly my in-laws are all occupied by their own life's. They can only babysit when its really needed. But having in-laws that are kind, loving and generous are more than enough. As the saying goes you can't have everything you want in life, its better few than nothing at all.

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