Wednesday, 5 December 2007


Tomorrow is my daughters ballet show and now its already 3:32 am here and still I am up because I am trying to find her headband and her pink ballet socks. I really dont know where it might have gone? I have no idea and I already digg and looked everywhere esle. It must be that my son got hold of it on the first place and I have no idea where he could have put it. Sometimes he really hides them well in the corner or little tiny hole that you never thought of him sticking stuff onto it. Now I am about to go bed because I need to get up in few hours. Gosh what a messed-up sleeping routine I have. I think I need to get back to my normal routine of sleeping because its no good for me to have few hours sleep only and sleeping in day time is not counted at all. I am just hoping in few hours time I will be able to find Kath's socks and headband. Fingers cross here!

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