Saturday, 1 December 2007

Family Moments

This family pictures was taken last year december 31, 2006. We were visiting my husband Aunt's in Wimbledon Village. My sister in-law who took this picture and glad it came out almost perfect. Shows how happy and bliss we are. We thank God for giving us a nice family. We tend to have family moments as much as we can.
Here's some favourite poem were going to share....
Each family has moments,
Moments of happiness and emotion.
Moments that show love and kindness.
To each member of the family.
Some family moments are sad,
Some show hate that never lasts.
hen the truth shines and shows,
Each family moment is special after all.
Family moments may show happiness,
Happiness that lights up the earth.
Family Moments are amazing,
So don't forget your...
Family Moments.
Rebecca Seetahal

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