Saturday, 1 December 2007

Saturday Events

Today was a fun day for us all. We got up really early because we had to attend few events. The first events was the school fun fair of my daughter and we had to go to support the school program. It was so much on the school fair and we had won tons of stuff from tombola. Our friends was all there too with their kids. Tons of people it means tons of fun. The kids had face painting and after we took them to see santa. The 3 girls (kath, milligail, nicole ) were so excited and happy seeing santa but to my son it was like a torture because he was all scared and fussing all the time that he even refused to accept the gift that santa gave him. He was keen to get out the groto, he was so funny. But the girls were having a real blast talking to Santa.

My camera is still broken so I brought the old one with me but unfortunately it was dead because I forgot to charge the battery the night before, lol. However. we still got some picture because there were photographer available but we had to pay for it too. One friend of mine also got a camera so I am asking her to send me a copy or I can just borrow her memory card rather.

Will sure share the pics soon I get them. Tomorrow Kath will be attending her classmate's 6th b-day party. So I'll have to be off now because I'll be coming too.

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